Sound therapy – singing bowl massage

In a sound therapy no melodies are played, but rather sounds are produced, which have the property to bypass our rational consciousness and penetrate into deeper layers.

Our mind tends to analyze and classify the external and mental stimuli continuously. As soon as we do not give space to these feelings, we open our perception to a physically noticeable resonance. In this way, we can outsource sounds or unite with them.

singing bowl massage work up to the cellular level

During the singing bowl massage I place singing bowls of different basic frequencies and sizes on your clothed body. I hit or rub the shells or else I hold them directly over your body without touching it. In this way, the sound of the generated tone is transmitted to your body. The sound of sound bowls is perceived by your body as vibration and works down to the cellular level.

Self-healing powers

As in Polarity therapy, sound therapy – sound massage – creates a neutral space in which the self-healing powers are supported. The relaxation effect works on the body, mind and soul.

Course of treatment

The course of treatment includes a brief pre- and post-treatment consultation and usually lasts 60 minutes. Sound therapy – singing bowl massage massage does not replace medical examination or treatment.

Price: 60 minutes CHF 140

Payment on site in cash, by TWINT or with SumUp possible.