Polarity therapy

Polarity therapy is a holistic, energy-based health system developed by Dr. Randolph Stone. A system of health and not of disease; a system that works with the person and not with the symptom; a system that understands the body as energy and works with the healing power of life energy, thus strengthening self-regulation.

Polarity Cranio Children Zug Aegeri

Polarity – the principle of dynamics

The principle is the dynamic that life takes place in a space of energies between two polarities and there in the neutral pole in the middle leads to newness. Life is energy in motion. Body, soul and spirit as well as past, present and future form a unity. The human being is considered as a whole. Inner mindful posture, accompanying conversation, bodywork with targeted touch, simple physical exercises, and a health-building diet have the purpose of maintaining and restoring the proper flow of energy throughout the body.*

The most urgent concern of the healing arts should be to restore the flow of life through blocked areas of the body and through painful tissues, and not to limit oneself to suppressing occurring symptoms with painkilling medications.



Course of treatment

The course of treatment includes a brief pre- and post-treatment consultation and usually lasts 60 minutes. For new clients, the first treatment usually lasts 90 minutes. Polarity does not replace medical examination or treatment.

Prices: 60 minutes CHF 144.- / 90 minutes CHF 200.- (additional health insurance recognized).

Payment on site in cash, by TWINT or with SumUp possible.

*Text excerpt from “Polarity”, AT Verlag, Andreas Ledermann