About me

I grew up in Allenwinden, a small, quiet village between Lakes Zug and Aegeri. Today I am a father of 2 adult children and a grandfather. Together with my wife and my son I live in Allenwinden.

In my more than 30 years of professional experience in the machine industry as well as in medical technology, I have been confronted with various challenges, which led me in the middle of my life to the path of being there for other people and accompanying them on their way.

Healing, as I understand it, always aims at the wholeness of a person. I help you to use the positive potentials that are inherent in you. Because they are the sources from which we draw our health.


Philipp Rüedi Healing processes


2013 – 2019

Spiritual Healing / Mediumship
Medial Academy Switzerland (Einsiedeln) / Arthur Findlay College (England)

2016 – 2019

Singing bowl massage
with Samuel Staffelbach and Othman Haddad (England)

2018 – 2021

Polarity therapy according to Dr. Stone
Course led by Andreas Ledermann and Brigitta Raimann
(School of holistic naturopathy)


Aura surgery with Gerhard Klügl

1997 – 2016

Yoga as a practitioner
with Béatrice Marzà (Baar) and Shankar (Hünenberg See)

Health insurance recognition

EMR and ASCA recognized