Laying on of hands – Spiritual healing

Laying on of hands – spiritual healing – is a form of healing through the use of forces and energies from God (universal energies) and is considered one of the oldest methods of treatment of mankind.

The laying on of hands does not require any faith or belief on your part. The only requirement that is helpful is that you are aware of your own well-being.

Laying on of hands is a complementary therapy and does not replace medical examination or treatment. No promise of a cure can be made.

Procedure of treatment by laying on of hands

Laying on of hands usually involves placing your hands on your clothed body. If desired, this can be done without physical contact.

The course of treatment includes a short pre- and post-treatment interview and usually lasts 40-50 minutes. Price CHF 120

Payment on site in cash, by TWINT or with SumUp.

Distance healing

Distance healing is also possible. For this I need some information before the healing, which you can send me by phone or in writing via WhatsApp.

Duration of treatment 30 minutes. Price CHF 80

For multiple treatments (interval) price by arrangement.

Healing through laying on of hands

Creating power

In addition to the warming effect, the laying on of hands conveys a social closeness and thus has a calming effect. In the laying on of hands, it is my conviction that the love of God is the creative force that uplifts us, heals us, and returns us to our original wholeness.

Laying on of hands

Intensive rest

For me, laying on of hands is a way to experience a more intense calmness while letting that creative power flow. The flowing may happen on the physical, mental or spiritual level.