Aura surgery

Aura surgery is a subtle surgery where the “operations” are performed exclusively in your energy body (information field) and without physical contact.

Karmic patterns, either from a past life or acquired in this life as so-called indirect psychotraumas, are identified and resolved, which can then have a positive effect on your body again. The same applies to energetic disturbances caused by guilt, vows, vows and self-sabotage programs.

What is aura surgery

Aura Surgery is intended as a complement to conventional or complementary medicine and does not replace medical examination or treatment. It is not limited to medical professionals.

The goal of aura surgery is physical, mental, spiritual and social health, experiencing self-healing powers and overcoming diseases.

The messages behind the symptoms are recognized, interpreted and integrated into a therapy concept.


Aura surgery

In aura surgery the energetic-informational exchange between therapist and patient takes place. Surgical instruments and energetic surrogates such as illustrations in the anatomy atlas or anatomical models are used.

Application areas

  • Treatment takes place without touching
  • Dissolution of karmic patterns
  • Relieve physical discomfort
  • After operations (to improve healing)
  • Activation of the self-healing powers
  • The treatment method does not replace medical therapy
  • Combination with laying on of hands, a polarity and / or sound therapy possible
  • Acts on body, mind and soul

Course of treatment

The course of treatment includes a brief pre- and post-treatment consultation and usually lasts 60 minutes.

Price: 60 minutes CHF 140

Payment on site in cash, by TWINT or with SumUp possible.